Our Projects


Clean Water

Our residents are using our watershed regardless of any toxic dangers. We provide an aggressive bilingual “Catch and Release”, fish, blue claw crab, and shellfish advisories and public education for our watershed residents.

Water Quality Monitoring

Through laboratory and watershed testing, our citizen scientists are able to monitor the water quality of our watershed streams, river and Kill. We also celebrate World Water Monitoring Day with local schools.

Rain Gardens, Storm Drain Marking, and Rain Barrels

Our rain barrels, storm drains, and their infrastructure have an important role in housing and community development. The storm drain markers are attached to municipal storm drains containing graphics and text, which serve to remind members of the community about illegal dumping in drains and local bodies of water.

Environmental Day and Estuary Day: Education and Stewardship

Our annual Environmental Day and Estuary Day events provide our schools and residents an opportunity to have interactive educational experiences with many of our partners regarding our estuary and watershed.

Reporting and Advocacy

The water quality monitoring data provides a quantitative measurement of our watershed that allows us to report our findings to the appropriate entity and advocate for clean water issues that impact our estuary and watershed.



Community Education

Work collectively to educate and inform our residents to improve their family’s health and quality of life.

Healthy Homes & Neighborhoods

Work with respect and dignity for healthy family, healthy home and healthy neighborhoods.

Home Toxin Awareness

Build long term capacity by developing a community based delivery system in our city and region to increase awareness and change attitudes/behaviors of residents towards home toxins, and ongoing evaluation clean up techniques for their home and yard.



Grey infrastructure consists of systems designed for transport and removal of waste water from our homes and businesses. Future City works extensively on storm drain and storm sewer marking and testing.

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