About Us


Our mission is to foster sustainable development by educating and assisting emerging racial and ethnic communities in policy formation, which will result in meaningful and measurable participation in environmental and community development. An immediate priority is the linking and the application of sustainable development to our watershed, green spaces through sustainable community development while maintaining community friendly open spaces and enhancing our healthy neighborhood healthy home initiatives.

Operating Ethos:

We are committed to developing and sustaining a culture of respect, mutual trust and ethics that is our functional foundation for a sustainable community.

Corporate Description:

Future City Inc., a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was incorporated in the late fall of 1997 for the purpose of providing a facilitating presence in the areas of sustainable environmental and community development. The Board felt that bringing the African American and rapidly growing immigrant communities into the planning and implementation process should be one of the organization’s key priorities. Our Spaces & Places Project, Elizabeth River/Arthur Kill Watershed Association, and our Healthy Neighborhood/Healthy Home projects are based upon implementing complimentary initiatives; specific to watershed, land use, local water resources, and healthy neighborhoods are the direct result of the Board’s strategic planning.


Future City Inc. is led by our CEO, Michelle Doran-McBean. Michelle is a graduate of Harvard University and completed her M.Div at Princeton Theological Seminary. She guides the organization with her vision, commitment, dedication and hard work, and is an exemplary citizen to all those she works with.

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